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Foshan Sammoon Lighting & Electrical Co., Ltd.

LED work lights, LED light bars, LED driving lights, LED fog lights, LED tail lights

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  • Phone: 0086-0757-81763912
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    Building 2, Zone A, New Lighting Source Industrial Zone, Luocun, Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Sammoon Lighting specializes in exterior lighting systems for off-road vehicles and utility LED lighting for maintenance vehicles and other industrial vehicles such as forklifts, tractors or excavators. The company manufactures an extensive range of LED work lights, LED light bars (single row, dual row and quad ones), LED driving lights, LED reverse indicators, and LED turn indicators. These energy efficient, maintenance-free, and extremely reliable products are exclusively developed and manufactured to meet all international standards, delivering consistently optimum visibility under extreme weather conditions and adverse environments.

Sammoon vehicle lighting systems combine the advantages of LED lighting with proprietary system integration expertise such as in thermal management and optics engineering. Sammoon LED work lights offer optimal illumination which increases productivity even in extremely tough conditions, often seen in the mining, construction and oil & gas industries, where high service life and durability is important. As a recognized innovator in the off-road vehicle lighting industry, Sammoon's relentless quest for excellence is reflected the unique range of LED light bars designed for applications anywhere a robust performance driving light is needed. The rugged and impact resistant diet cast aluminium construction coupled with UV-resistant precision optics give the light bars brilliant illumination on and off-road. Sammoon's LED lights have been purposely designed with an innovative structure to enhance rapid heat dissipation, making the high output LED systems more thermal efficient.

Operating out of a 10,000 square meter production facility, Sammoon Lighting designs and develops cost-effective automotive lighting solutions with consistently high production standards by leveraging its ISO9001/ISO14000 certified infrastructure. Sammoon's products undergo rigorous QC procedure during the development and manufacturing process and come with CCC, CE, E-MARK, SAE, ECE and EMI verified compliance.

Sammoon determined pursuit to bring to market the most advanced, energy efficient, sustainable vehicle lighting products is evidenced by its strong technological and economical synergies that been consistently benefitting its customers. Sammoon's dedication, experience and expertise in engineering and manufacturing ensure that their products stand out in the industry.
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